• Can I Afford a Security System for My Home or Business?

    Of course you can, without settling for inferior protection either! You can buy a cheap home security system, install it yourself and take your chances OR you can opt for a fully monitored system from Security Dynamics, and rest assured.

    The initial costs can range from FREE to a few hundred dollars, depending on the sophistication of the system and the level of monitoring you need. Monthly monitoring rates usually cost between $25 and $35. A good way to offset these monthly fees, is to check your homeowners insurance policy—you can often get up to a 20% discount on your annual premium.

  • I Already Have a System in Place, Can I Get Monitoring Services Only?

    Yes you can. If you moved into a home that already has a security system in place, we can work with you. Just take a look at our page about monitoring an existing home security system for more details – or give Jon DeVeronica a call at 609-394-8800.

  • Do I Really Need a Security System?

    If you want to keep your home, family, or business as safe as possible, then you should certainly have a security system.

    Research shows that nearly 90% of burglars would avoid a house that is protected by a home security system. Monitored security systems can also add value to your home and save you money on your homeowners insurance premiums. While no security system is 100% burglar proof, having a monitored home security system can give you better odds and give your premises a massive decrease in the chance that it will be burglarized.

  • What If My House Loses Power?

    All Security Dynamics home security systems include a battery backup. As long as the battery backup is functioning properly, your home security system will continue to provide protection and alarm functionality for several hours after the power is cut. TIP: Check your back-up batteries on a regular basis and let us know if you need a replacement.

  • Can My Pets Set Off the System?

    Our monitored home security systems include pet friendly motion detectors. These motion detectors can usually be set to 40lbs or 80lbs, depending on the size of your pet. Your installer can usually help you test the effectiveness of the motion detecting devices in order to make sure that they are properly calibrated for your pet.

  • What Can I Expect If the Alarm Goes Off?

    When your alarm goes off, a signal is sent to our Central Monitoring Station. A monitoring technician will call your house to verify that there is an actual emergency. If verification is not received, emergency personnel (Police/Fire/EMT) are then dispatched to your home. If your system comes with a panic button and the panic button has been activated, emergency personnel will be dispatched first and then contacts will be attempted secondly.

  • Can’t Someone Just Break a Window to Get Into My Home or Business?

    Most burglars don’t want to deal with the noise that is caused by breaking glass. They also don’t want to risk being injured by the shards. Some home security systems do come with glass breaking detectors. Some systems come with motion detectors so that it doesn’t really matter how the burglar got into the house. While burglars usually enter through doors, we can protect your windows too.

  • How Do I Change My Battery?

    1. The Keypad will let you know which transmitter(s) have a low battery.
    2. Once that is determined, open the transmitter. (Your keypad may start beeping. Press any button on your keypad to stop the beeping.)
    3. Remove the battery (12 Volt 7 Amp or 12 Volt 4 Amp) and replace it with the new battery.
    4. If the back-up battery is good the number should appear, if the back-up battery is bad “low battery” will appear on the keypad.

    You can purchase a battery at the Security Dynamics Office or if you need a service call please call today for service and parts.

  • How Do I Change the Code on My Keypad?

    Each manufacturer provides different instructions for operating the keypad. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions, or call Security Dynamics for assistance at 609-394-8800 during our normal business hours.